Wellness at Lovitt & Touché

WellnessWellness is an ongoing hot topic when it comes to company culture – from the way it can save employers money on health plans to the ways it can improve employees’ ability to thrive both in and outside of the workplace. At Lovitt & Touché, we believe in the value of Wellness Programs, partnering with the Wellness Council of Arizona to provide activities and coaching for employees. Below is a summarized interview with wellness coaches Jaime Parker and Rachael Laing about Wellness Programs in general and at Lovitt & Touché specifically.

What is Wellness Coaching and Who Can Benefit from It?

Wellness coaching is a broad scope type of coaching designed to help employees with anything affecting their overall well-being, from stress management to nutrition and from disease management to digestion – wellness coaching covers it all! Sometimes people just want to come and talk about the stresses of their day, while others want to focus on a specific goal like weight loss or increased exercise. Everyone comes with different frequency, too. While some might visit twice a month for on-site coaching, others come monthly or even quarterly.

Since everyone’s goals are different, individual wellness success has a unique outcome. For some, they might be able to make lifestyle changes that allow them to come off a maintenance medication; for others, it could be having a healthy pregnancy or reducing blood pressure.

What Ways Can Employees Engage in Wellness at Lovitt & Touché?

Lovitt & Touché offers a wide variety of wellness activities, from in-office Pilates to walks to educational classes about fitness devices and essential oils. Employees can also be part of the Wellness Committee, an employee-based committee that comes together and brainstorms wellness ideas for the upcoming year; ideas for activities come from general wellness trends as well as areas of employee interest. Using Bravo, our wellness platform, employees  can participate in different team challenges focusing on different areas of health such as exercise or nutrition. Other initiatives have included “Maintain Don’t Gain” efforts during the holidays.

Lovitt & Touché has a top-down commitment to wellness, not only allowing but encouraging participation in the program. Know that just because you meet with a Health Coach, nothing is wrong! Coaching is for people wanting to take their health to the next level. For more questions about how your company can engage in Wellness, contact your Lovitt & Touché representative today!