Charles Touché

Chief Executive Officer


For Charlie Touché, there was never a question of carrying on the family tradition. Though he worked for other agencies, he knew his future was with Lovitt & Touché, where he holds the title of chief executive officer.

He built a strong industry background with Aetna Cravens of Los Angeles and Bowering in London. Touché stayed connected to his family’s Tucson roots by earning a finance degree from the University of Arizona.

Touché faced his greatest challenge in bringing the agency to Phoenix, which he also considers his greatest accomplishment. The agency’s strong local management, he says, separates it from the competition. He considers gaining the respect of potential clients and associating with quality people Lovitt & Touché’s other keys to success. Other agency officers describe him as a forward-thinking visionary who knows how to read the market’s trends.

Touché stays at the leading edge of the industry by continuing his education and frequently attending seminars. He enjoys a good round of golf in his spare time.