Seminars Help Clients Reduce Risk, Save Money, Network and Grow their Business – All Over Lunch

By Danielle M. Long, Sales Executive, Lovitt & Touché

August 21, 2014

They say there’s no such thing as a free lunch, but the Lovitt & Touché Learning Academy Lunch-n-Learn Seminar Series offers clients, prospective clients and business partners a delicious and healthy free lunch -packed with more than just protein.

This year’s calendar includes more than 30 seminars – on subjects ranging from Captives to Commercial Real Estate, Suns Basketball to Cyber Insurance. While the seminars are intended to be specific and relevant to our clients, and are generally aimed at C-Level Executives, HR Professionals, CPAs and other professionals, sometimes the information helps them do their jobs better and more efficiently, and other times it is just plain fun. A few months ago, we did a seminar on Basketball Analytics with the Phoenix Suns. The room was packed.

Yesterday’s seminar, State Unemployment Insurance for Non-Profits, was more lightly attended because of its specificity; however, some of our many non-profit clients attended, and those who did, received valuable insight on the unique options available to them as non-profits in covering their state unemployment insurance.

“Like all employers, organizations with a 501(c)3 tax classification and governmental employers must provide unemployment insurance coverage, but unlike other employers, they are not required to cover their unemployment through the State Unemployment Insurance (SUI) tax fund,” said featured speaker Joe Poretto, VP of Sales and Marketing at First Non-Profit Group, based in Chicago. His company helps non-profits determine whether they are better off using the tax fund or paying as they go. Since many non-profits have low turnover and rarely access the unemployment funds, his company can often save non-profits big bucks over using the state fund, he said.

While commiserating about the lack of logic in who pays for unemployment, attendees munched on delicious, fresh salads, breads and fruit catered from UMOM’s Helpings Café. UMOM is one of Lovitt & Touché’s many non-profit clients, serving the Valley’s homeless population in unique and special ways. Lovitt & Touché seeks opportunities to not only create insurance clients, but true, lasting, and mutually-beneficial partnerships.

Hope to see you at our next great seminar! Some upcoming titles include “Health Practice Management,” “Don’t Let This Happen to You – Construction Claim Scenarios,” and “Execute to Win.” Ask a Lovitt & Touché representative for more info…

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