Your business is unlike any other. Your insurance costs should reflect your own unique experience. Lovitt & Touché has a full-time staff of risk-management professionals who work with you right on your shop floor or in the field, helping to establish and retain safety standards that will keep production and morale high, and insurance costs low.

This discovery and subsequent monitoring process is the single most important factor in the maintenance of a cost-effective insurance program. By taking a common sense approach to the pinpointing of potential operational hazards, you and our in-house Safety Engineers combine to ensure an optimum cost structures and maximum coverage per dollar expenditure.

We won’t just make one visit and leave you on your own. To make sure that clients continue to qualify for the most competitive rates, Lovitt & Touché staff members will analyze past and current losses, and present their findings in a series of preventive safety programs. It’s a system that works and just one of the services of Lovitt & Touché .