The Lovitt & Touché CRT Isokinetic Strength and Agility Program provides effective solutions for controlling and reducing Workers’ Compensation claims by offering Pre-Employment, Post-Injury, Baseline, and Return- to-Work/Function Capacity Evaluations.

CRT Isokinetic Strength and Agility Evaluations are the safest physical strength and agility assessment methods for measuring applicants and injured employees. Muscle load cannot exceed the subject’s ability or tolerance during the evaluation. Thus, a very safe evaluation.

CRT Isokinetic Strength and Agility Evaluations produce a Body Index Score by measuring muscle strength, and the range of motion for the back, shoulders, and knees. The Body Index Score determines if the subject’s physical capabilities meet the physical demands of the job. Body Index Scores are assigned based on the essential functions of the job and the U.S. Department of Labor and CRT definitions of Strength levels.

CRT Isokinetic Strength and Agility Evaluations measure over 83% of the muscle systems used for most physical labor and clearly identify and document sub-maximal effort. These evaluations are objective, defensible, reproducible, standardized, and comply with ADA/EEOC regulations. ADA permits pre-offer strength & agility testing (29 CFR § 1630.14(a)).

Lovitt & Touché CRT Program Services

    • Pre-Employment Evaluations: As part of the application process, CRT Strength and Agility Evaluations provide an objective assessment of a candidate’s physical capabilities to determine if they can perform the essential functions of the job. This evaluation enables companies to better identify qualified applicants.
    • Post-Injury Evaluations: This joint comparison evaluation validates whether a work related injury exists, verifies the degree of injury, identifies areas needing rehabilitation, and determines risk of repeat injury. A treating physician must prescribe this test.
      Lovitt & Touché partners with Above & Beyond Physical Therapy to administer CRT Post-Injury Evaluations.

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  • Baseline Evaluations: For those employees hired prior to their employer implementing CRT Isokinetic Strength and Agility Evaluations, this evaluation is used to establish a baseline should there be a future injury.
  • Return-to-Work/Functional Capacity Evaluations: This evaluation is more comprehensive than the post injury test. Instead of focusing on one or two joints, this evaluation provides an overall assessment of the employee’s injured joint(s) and overall body strength by measuring muscle strength and range of motion. This evaluation is typically administered prior to release or to return to work by the physician. CRT provides evaluation results through a written report directly to the treating physician and copies to third party claims administrators and internal departments, as specified by the Employer.