Workers’ Compensation programs should benefit both employer and employee. Programs designed by Lovitt & Touché focus not only on the result of workplace accidents, but on their cause and prevention. By combining compensation plans in traditional or self-funded formats with a structured claims management/cost control program, Lovitt & Touché clients realize a dual benefit – coverage in the event of unforeseen and potentially costly incidents, and the assistance of a certified professional safety engineer in the discovery and elimination of hazards for future protection as well.

Currently, Lovitt & Touché manages Workers’ Compensation programs for thousands of employees throughout the United States – establishing safety criteria, investigating claims and coordinating with health care providers for the timely return of healthy, productive employees to the workplace.

With the capability of in-house underwriting, risk management and auditing – Lovitt & Touché Workers’ Compensation programs are administered in a timely and efficient manner. This includes meeting company and governmental reporting requirements.

For information on programs within your industry or profession, please contact us. We are your Workers’ compensation specialist.