Every business needs effective assessment and analytical tools to successfully  manage growth and maintain costs.  Detailed, accurate reporting is key.

Lovitt and Touché has a staff of technical experts that help you gain a true picture of the state of your current program and devise a plan for the future.

We help you define your needs and expectations to determine long term goals and objectives.  We then assist with benchmarking, educating and communicating with employees, implementation of each program, claims analysis and tracking success.  Detailed reports are customized based on your unique needs.

At Lovitt and Touché we are committed to client satisfaction and are dedicated to meeting the client’s needs and expectations through the development of quality programs, underwritten by sound companies and delivered by exceptional employees.

Financial Performance

  • Claims Activity
  • Expected Liability
  • Monthly Cost per Employee
  • Year-over-Year Trend
  • Medical Loss Ratio

Utilization Patterns

  • Emergency Room
  • Specialists
  • Outpatient Surgery
  • Prescriptions

Health Plan Intelligence Utilization Studies (Self-Insured Clients)

  • Chronic Diseases
  • Plan Design Inefficiencies
  • High Cost Care Providers
  • Demographic Cost Drivers
  • Inpatient/Outpatient Claims
  • Emergency Room
  • Physician
  • Routine Claim Costs
  • Opportunities for Health  Promotion

Budget Projections

Renewal Analysis and Negotiations

Contribution Strategies