Court Bonds are required in many court proceedings to ensure that one is protected from possible loss as a result of the proceeding.

At Lovitt & Touché…

Our Bond Professionals say “YES” and we say it fast!! Your time is valuable and you don’t need to worry about that next bond. Regardless of your bond needs, we have the team to handle it.

Our Experienced Staff has made Lovitt & Touché’s bond operation one of the largest in Arizona by saying “yes”. We have full time experts handling nothing but surety bonding….from the license bond for the single employee firm to some of the biggest contractors…from start-up firms to large, well-established companies. We will provide a program that is tailored to your needs, is competitively priced and gives you peace of mind.

We specialize in providing bonding to the construction industry. Through contractor performance & payment bonding from Lovitt & Touché, project owners are ensured of adherence to contract specifications and labor and material payments, whether your project is a modest commercial remodel, or your largest commercial venture.

At Lovitt & Touché, our agents work with your accountant, banker, and attorney to become part of the team that assists and supports your contracting activities- providing counsel and advice made possible only by experience and a proactive interest in your business.

Our surety and bonding relationships with markets throughout the nation and the world enable Lovitt & Touché to handle all of your bonding requirements cost effectively and fast! Whatever your bonding needs, you can count on Lovitt & Touché.