Technology-Based Practice with the Phoenix Suns is a Virtual Slam Dunk

Phoenix Suns VR Practice - Group Photo

As technology continues to evolve and shape the world around us, few arenas have been left unchanged. The newest arena to be shaped by technology? Basketball.

Yesterday, twenty guests of Lovitt & Touché experienced the first-ever Phoenix Suns practice in 360 degree Virtual Reality (VR). After a brief address about the impact of technology on the business of sports by Steve Reese, CIO of the Suns, VR goggles were provided to kick off the VR practice. Guests experienced first-hand how fully-immersive VR can be used for athletic training and the fan experience, exploring content of past games and practices as well as a performance by the Suns Dancers.  As the videos ended, headsets were removed only to see the videos in the goggles being played out, live, by the Sol Patrol dunk team and Suns Dancers. The technology? Cutting edge. The experience? Futuristic.

The Suns are the first team in the NBA to adopt this exciting VR technology for their franchise; to date, they are also the only team. With widespread applications for athletic training, marketing and fan experience, leadership is working to keep Phoenix ahead of the curve. During the Q&A session afterwards, content producer Nick Williams emphasized the infancy of Virtual Reality and the ‘Wild West’ feel of its uncharted territory, especially in sports. Guests enthusiastically peppered Reese and Williams with questions and suggestions about how VR could be used, excited for the use of such technology in the future fan experience.

Like the Phoenix Suns, Lovitt & Touché is focused on the future for the businesses and communities of Arizona. For those who feel the same, we invite you to join our team.