Lovitt & Touché Connects with the Next Generation of Insurance Professionals at Grand Canyon University

Lovitt & Touché connected with the next generation of insurance professionals at Grand Canyon University’s annual Career Opportunities Fair.

The fair was part of the Colangelo College of Business’s annual Money Week, which aims to educate students about financial topics and introduce them to job and internship opportunities in the industry. Thanks to Lovitt & Touché, young professionals are getting a jump start in their careers and learning how to manage finances through internships and careers at the firm.

Vice President of Human Resources Shawn Ellis was joined at the fair by Tanner Lobato and Melissa Romero, two GCU students who have learned about different aspects of the insurance industry through Lovitt & Touché’s internship program.

Tanner, a senior at GCU, shared his experience applying his marketing major to his work in social media, web design and research during his internship at the firm. Melissa is a freshman who completed Lovitt & Touché’s 12-week summer rotational internship, during which she worked in Property & Casualty, Benefits, Personal Lines and Bonds. She chose to continue her internship at the firm, assisting the Benefits team.

Lovitt & Touché is committed to providing college students with hands-on job experience through our internships and careers.

Learn more about GCU’s Money Week event here. Explore Lovitt & Touché’s career opportunities here.