Laurie Haas Shares Expertise in Insuring Second Homes with Arizona Foothills Magazine

Lovitt & Touché Vice President Laurie Haas joined Valley finance and real estate experts to share key insurance considerations before purchasing a second home in the March issue of Arizona Foothills Magazine.

Laurie discussed the insurance needed for a second home, noting that different insurance is needed if you plan to rent the property than if you plan to use it as a family vacation home.

She shared best practices for protecting second homes when they are vacant in order to reduce potential risks and make insurance carriers more willing to provide coverage. Laurie recommended a home security system, a leak detection system, wildfire prevention efforts such as trimming and cleaning gutters, and a regular, in-person check-up on the home.

The full story can be found in the March edition of Arizona Foothills, on page 83.