Employee Benefit Adviser Features Lovitt & Touché’s Private Exchange, ClearPath Prime

Employee Benefit Adviser sat down with Lovitt & Touché Senior Vice President Doug Adelberg to discuss ClearPath Prime, the company’s private benefits exchange.

Doug shared how the platform has evolved since it was launched three years ago, and explained that Lovitt & Touché takes great care in determining which clients are a good fit. ClearPath Prime gives employees the opportunity to create a customized benefits portfolio that fits their individual needs, which often requires employers to change the way they communicate to their employees. Lovitt & Touché helps facilitate this transition with a hands-on training program for employers.

More than 40 employers have successfully completed the training and offer ClearPath Prime to 11,000 employees. Doug shared key lessons the firm has learned as the platform has grown and average cost savings for clients using it. 

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