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With the rising cost of healthcare, running a business today is more competitive and expensive than ever before.

What you need is a forward-looking strategy that gives your company a competitive advantage in the changing world of Healthcare Reform rather than forcing you to react to it after the fact. Introducing ClearPath Prime, a Private Exchange from Lovitt & Touché.

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The Power Of Choice

ClearPath Prime allows the employer to control the amount of push or pull on each of these three attributes.

The current benefits process is broken. You wait for your renewal, hope for the best and are trapped in the cycle of passing more costs on to your employees or spending more on benefits or decreasing benefits. In most cases it is a combination of all three.

Your employees have different benefit needs, different financial statuses and different risk tolerances.

Shouldn't your benefits portfolio allow each employee to have their own customized benefits portfolio designed to fit their specific needs?

What Is An Exchange?

Private Exchanges come in many different forms. Many consumer shopping websites are exchanges.

ClearPath Prime takes that same easy experience and through leading edge technology, personalizes the products that end up in the shopping cart. Recommendations are made based on individual needs and complex scenario analysis.

Features And Services Of An Exchange:

  • Decision support software
  • Employee communications and education
  • Wide product offerings
  • Defined contribution flexibility
  • Enrollment tools for all lines of coverage
  • Administration and billing reconciliation services
  • Creative funding options

It's About The Employee

ClearPath Prime takes the employee's input and analyzes it with a sophisticated algorithm which creates a recommendation.

The system considers the employee's specifications: utilization, health status, network preferences, income needs, savings, risk tolerance, health & finance concerns and consumerism. Use the interactive diagram to the right to explore the versatility of the Private Exchange.

Recommended plan based on employee & public input

Recommended plan based on employee & public input

Recommended plan based on employee & public input

Employee Input

Employee Input

Employee Input

Public Data

Statistical Modeling

An algorithm creates a recommendation considering:

  • Types of plans that match people's specific needs and wants
  • A cost that balances premiums with expected out-of-pocket expenses
  • A match to physician network preferences and overall desires and concerns

Plan RecommendationsClick a plan to see the distribution

The Right Balance

ClearPath Prime offers your employees a broader menu of healthcare options and greater flexibility.

The right plans at the right price – plus greater employee satisfaction and engagement through a simple, engaging and informative online shopping experience.

A Plan


Who Is A Fit For
ClearPath Prime?

The Lovitt & Touché Private Exchange enables employers to create a compliant benefits strategy.

With a ClearPath Prime powered strategy employers can ensure they can handle all legislative requirements and changes as well as meet evolving consumer and market demands.

Key Factors

CEO/CFO is frustrated with the current benefits strategy and is willing to consider alternative strategies.

The business is spending a sizable amount on benefits and is looking to take control of total benefits spend.

The business is looking to increase employee satisfaction, attract new talent and cater to a technology hungry workforce.

Help employees become more aware of the actual costs of employee benefits.

The business is looking for a platform to better manage benefits and increase flexibility.

CEO/CFO is concerned with the long term effects of the Cadillac tax.

Why Should An Employer Do This?

Selecting insurance isn't about finding the "best" plan out there, it's about finding the right coverage for specific risks and needs.

The truth of the matter is that each person in your company has their own tolerance for risk, budget they can afford, and priorities for their family.


Health benefits are an important part of the overall company philosophy

A simplified benefits strategy increases satisfaction of employees

Employees have many options available through a customized strategy

CEO/CFO can reliably forecast benefits expenses

Employees become more aware of actual costs of benefits

Benefits management is optimized for both employer and employees

For More Information

Learn more about ClearPath Prime and how it might benefit your business and employees.

Please contact: Doug Adelberg

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